We have been helping to organise a volunteering sessions on site to help keep it running. We have run some sessions ahead of it re-opening in June and plan to run more over the summer and have agreed a monthly session with VisionRCL who operate the site.

To volunteer, you will need to complete and sign a VisionRCL volunteering form for the site and a copy of the Volunteer agreement. If you wish to work on days where there are under 18s on site you will need to have a Redbridge DBS check completed also which VisionRCL will carry out. Please email us and we can put you in touch and put you on our list and send you a form. Alternatively you can contact VisionRCL or the centre directly.The forms contain personal information and so should not be sent to us. Please return the forms directly to VisioRCL uisng the contacts on the form but let us know that you have compelted them and we can add you to our list.

If you are a school group and would like to organise a volunteering session at the centre or on the lake we can help with that or you can contact the centre directly. If you need additional hands on site or on the water we can often help with that too.