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Mangai: “Hello! My name is Mangai Sutharsan. Empowering Deaf Society’s Director.EDS are based in Redbridge and there are very few resources around the area – not many at all.However, there is one place – Fairlop Centre. It is beautiful with a park, a lake and activities like raft building and boat rides. It is really a fantastic place.EDS have have been to Fairlop Centre in the past and had a wonderful day playing games, building rafts and enjoying a motor boat ride. A really beautiful experience!Today I heard some awful news that the council will be closing this amazing place. I am totally shocked and appalled. If the council continue to make so many cuts and close down places like Fairlop Centre, where is the community supposed to go?? Its a really big problem, resources, centres and services are becoming few and fewer.So I wanted to share this video with the deaf community to show our support by signing the petition to stop the closure of Fairlop Centre. It really is a fantastic place, a wonderful resource for schools, community and disabled groups! Wow! Lets show our support by signing and sharing this petition:


We will also show this video to Redbridge Council. We want to explain that we are a charity set up in Redbridge and if resources and centres like Fairlop are continually being closed down and cuts being made, where are we support to go to provide support and great experiences to our clients?

We also want to show a few short clips of an absolutely wonderful day out we had with our clients at the Fairlop Centre so show what a great and accessible service they provide. It really is lovely. Have a look…”

EDS client on boat: “Beautiful day! Really worth while! Lovely boat ride!”

Marleine (EDS staff): “Hello. I heard the council will be closing the boat and raft making centre. I am so sad this is happening as it is such worthwhile and important place where Deaf, Disabled and all people can go and have a wonderful experience together and enjoy themselves. Why are you closing it?! What a waste of such a beautiful place, I don’t want it to close! So many centres are closing, but why?? I can show you some beautiful pictures as evidence of what a wonderful time we had there. Please don’t close it! Look… You want to close this place?? Please don’t! It is so worth saving – It is visual, you can be creative and build things with your bare hands, take exciting boat rides and is just a wonderful experience! Thank you.”

Mangai: “Did you see that? Brilliant! Please support EDS to support Fairlop centre and sign the petition:


Redbridge Council have a meeting tomorrow so hopefully this can empower the Fairlop Centre and stop it being closed!Thank you!”

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