Volunteering 10th/11th April

We have a date in the diary to get people onsite to help the VisionRCL staff to prepare the centre. We have volunteering forms for people that want to help out (to make sure everyone is insured onsite). If you have some time and are able to help, please drop an email to campaign@fairlopwaters.org.uk and let Mel know so she can get a form to you. Please also let her know:

  • Full name and date of birth / age (so we don’t mix young people and adults initially)
  • Availability on the 10th and 11th April
  • If you have any particular boating/water related skills – optional
  • If you have any ‘trades’ skills like carpentry, decorating etc

Most of the volunteering work will be along the lines of cleaning the site and boats, light maintenance of buildings and surrounding site, cleaning equipment etc. No special skills are required we just need people who are willing to ‘muck in’.

We are arranging for further days when some of the young people that have been volunteered by parents etc or volunteered themselves can help – we just need to sort things like DBS checks which as always are organisation specific.

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