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We are making a video that describes to people not familiar with FOAC what it does and who its users currently are. We hope to show this video to members of the council and we will show the video on this site and the facebook group. For this video we are focussing primarily on the youth members of the site but adult group members can also send us videos. We will try to use as many as possible

We need these preferably before 9th March (Tuesday !)

The final video cannot be too long so please follow the guidelines below to make sure we can use your video

To make your video:

  • Please record a single sentence that is no more than 12 words, starting with one of the following (no need to say ‘…at FOAC’!):
    • ‘I enjoy ….’ (or any similar meaning)
    • ‘I learned …’ (or any similar meaning)
  • If you use a mobile phone to record the video please hold it on its side (landscape / widescreen mode – see the picture below)
  • Try and keep the background as uncluttered and plain as possible
  • Only the person being recorded should be in the video and preferably recorded like a passport photo – shoulders/top of body and head
  • Leave a very small gap between the person’s head and the top of the video.
  • (Optional) Have the person wear the uniform of the group or school that they use FOAC with (if relevant) or ‘dressed for the water’
    • It’s easier for us to show the mix of users than to say it.
  • Attach the permission statement below (else we can’t use it!)
  • Please email the video and permission statement to
  • (If this presents difficulties, you can whatsapp instead but please email us first so we can give you the number to send to)
Landscape / widescreen mode

We will need a simple permission to use the video for this purpose. Since young people are involved, 4th EFS (Bancroft’s) Sea Scouts will act as the host of source material and owner of the video and manage privacy etc. on our behalf. Please copy and attach the text below to the video when you send it:

I, <INSERT YOUR NAME> consent for this video of <PERSON’S NAME> to be used in a promotional video supporting Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre (FOAC) which may appear on the public website and facebook group supporting the FOAC centre and may be presented to the council. I am either the named individual or am a legal parent or guardian of the named individual. I understand that 4th EFS (Bancroft) Sea Scouts will act as the custodian of all material relating to this video and will retain personal details and source media only for the purpose of making this video on behalf of the groups supporting the FOAC centre and under the terms of its existing privacy and GDPR policy. Please accept this statement sent from my email account or mobile phone as a signed statement.

(The 4th EFS Privacy policy, based on the UK scouts policy, can be viewed here:

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