Email campaign

Please email VisionRCL

We want them to stop layoff of all staff immediately and take advantage of the furlough extension if needed.

Draft email and contacts here: Email VisionRCL

Please email the council to stop the budget cut

Get your councillor to get the Activity Centre closure proposal removed from the budget when it is approved next Thursday 25th February.

Draft email and contacts here: Email the council

Other people to talk to

You can also write to the Fairlop Regneration Project team and ask them how the centre features in those future plans: Fairlop regeneration

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  1. How can this Centre ever re-open if all the staff are laid off and no maintenance is being done? Sacking the staff is one way to ensure that the Centre does close.
    This will cause a cessation of all water based training and fun for youngsters within the Borough of Redbridge and will threaten the existence of youth groups such as Scouts (especially Sea Scouts), Guides, Sea Rangers, Canoe and Kayaking Clubs.Without these organizations to provide this type of activity, what will be the result on both the mental and physical health of young people? It will also impinge of PE lessons once Schools are re-opened.
    Please retain these essential staff until some form of consultation with them and the users of this facility has taken place.

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