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If you are a social media whizz, here are some suggestions to get this message front and centre on people’s social network feeds, including concil feeds. You can upload the tall image or better, the two or three smaller images together, so they display nicely on feeds and add the various tags as guided below to the post.

The tags will alert the relevant pages to your post. The hashtags will fill up all the feeds that are associated with Redbridge or Fairlop. Both these actions should ensure as big a media presence as possible.

In your captions, try to add something that is personal and clearly states why the current centre should not close.


TAG the first photo and in the caption. Share on your story and tag @redbridgecouncil. Add the relevant hastags under your caption.

#fairlopwaters #redbridge #redbridgecouncil #youthgroups #saveFOAC #saveFairlopOutdoorActivityCentre


TAG the images and put in the caption: @redbridgelive (make sure the tag turns blue and reads ‘Redbridge Council’ once you have published the post.) Add the relevant hashtags under your caption.

#fairlopwaters #redbridge #redbridgecouncil #youthgroups #saveFOAC #saveFairlopOutdoorActivityCentre


TAG these pages in the caption: @redbridgelive @MPIainDS @wesstreeting @JohnCryerMP @samtarry #jasathwal

Twitter has limited characters, so if you cannot include all the hashtags, make sure at least #saveFOAC and #saveFairlopOutdoorActivityCentre are in your post.

#fairlopwaters #redbridge #redbridgecouncil #youthgroups #saveFOAC #saveFairlopOutdoorActivityCentre

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