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You can also email the individuals below to ask them questions below. You can also submit an FOI request direcly to the council if you prefer although the council is taking longer than normal to reply to these:

  • What studies and feasibility plans exists relating the Fairlop Future regeneration project that impact the Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre site and the service provided by FOAC today ?
  • The Fairlop futures local resident engagement report talks about a hotel and spa complex at the park. Has there been any feasibility study, survey or any commerical engagement carried out to explore this already and if so, what ?
  • Are there exsiting proposals or studies related to building on or adjacne to the current FOAC site at Fairlop

Sponsoring Councillor

Jas Athwal (

Regeneration Programme Managers

Sharon Strutt (

Shamim Akhter (

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